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    Ivory Travertine

    Ivory Travertine

    One of the preferred stone for exterior projects. Ivory travertine has several different classes in terms of itself, we can say that the most popular and preferred stone is this. It has high sales both as block and slab and as a final processed product.
    Product Name: Noche Travertine
    Usage area: Floor covering, wall cladding, parapet, decorative decorations, stair applications.

    Ivory Classic travertine tiles

    This stone is lively and unique. The color spectrum of Ivory Classic in strong beige tones that extend into brownish is rounded off harmoniously by a structure full of character.

    The color contrasts give the stone an individual look and a certain “depth”.

    This special item gets a further special note from its already filled holes, which support the play of colors and make the stone appear natural and lively. The stone is particularly easy to care for thanks to the polished surface. So you will enjoy the Ivory Classic for many years.

    Compared to travertine Light, which you can find in our regular range, Ivory tends to show larger fillings and looks a bit more lively.

    How to lay the Ivory Travertine tiles

    Be sure to smooth the travertine pores beforehand with a spatula so that the travertine pores are also filled from below. This will prevent damage to the tiles later.

    Home design ideas with Ivory Travertine

    Even in large rooms, the travertine tiles come into their own and spread warmth and comfort!
    Not only beautiful but also practical: The finely tumbled surface of the Travertine Ivory also offers dog paws a secure hold.
    The anti-slip surface of the natural stone tiles is also used in the bathroom. Create your Mediterranean oasis of wellbeing with travertine!