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    Interesting Facts about Granite Tiles

    Interesting Facts about Granite Tiles

    General information about granite tiles

    Granite tiles have a wonderful stone design. A natural wall or floor covering fits perfectly into any ambiance. The granite tiles with their natural grain give every house the right look and an extra shine. These natural stone tiles combine the original beauty of the stone with extremely robust resistance.

    Price and Optic

    The unique structures of granite tiles enhance your floor. These beautiful tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. One of the reasons for this versatility is high resistance to all types of weather. So you can buy granite tiles and use them for the outdoor area with the right surface treatment without hesitation.

    In the past, buying granite tiles were expensive. But prices have been falling for around four decades, buying granite tiles a cheap pleasure. The high quality of the tiles has, of course, remained the same in the course of the price cuts. As an expert, we can now offer lower prices with significantly improved manufacturing quality for this product area, as new technologies have simplified the extraction and processing of granite. The new machine and computer-aided manufacturing methods make buying granite tiles from us an affordable promotion for every budget. And the laying of the tiles is also an inexpensive thing, the natural material can be laid and grouted quickly and easily.


    Granite tiles are used most frequently as floor tiles. With us, you have a nice selection between countless colors and color gradations. The whole range of colors of nature is represented in the beautiful stones. For this reason too, many builders today choose granite tiles because the color selection is as unique as it is only possible with natural products. The colors begin in the light spectrum with a white-gray, then it goes overtones from the blue, yellow and red range to deep black. But the selection of our granite tiles goes much further. Because there are countless different grains and patterns. This results in an infinite variety in the possibilities of designing with natural stone tiles. Each tile is unique from nature. You can see and feel it. The pictures that result from the laid granite tiles are unique. Only nature can be so imaginative! Despite the originality of each individual tile, a harmonious overall picture emerges on the floor. Granite tiles meet even the highest demands on design and ambiance and the contrast is particularly interesting, which results from the solid shape and the filigree grain.

    What are granite tiles made of?

    Granite consists of extremely hard minerals, feldspar, quartz, and mica. Depending on the type and occurrence of the stone, these substances are present in the stone in different proportions. Thanks to this composition, the granite tiles are not only resistant to all types of wind and weather, but chemicals can also not penetrate the extremely hard stone. Anyone who decides to buy granite tiles will receive an absolutely high-quality and extremely uncomplicated flooring. Nature is responsible for this high quality! By buying granite tiles you get an absolutely abrasion-resistant stone covering for your floor. They differ in their different colors and patterns, these natural stone tiles are also available with different forms of surface treatment. The most famous shape is certainly the granite tile with a polished surface. These tiles have a brilliant shine. With this type of processing, the colors are particularly effective. They are not quite as bright but look very classy, ​​with a polished or diamond-brushed surface. The tiles are also available in sandblasted, flamed and brushed, satin or patinated or with an extra antique look.

    The beauty of nature is an optimal symbiosis with modern technical possibilities. This interaction creates wonderfully creative spaces for your unique ambiance of tasteful coziness.