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    How to make the natural stone terrace ready for spring!

    How to make the natural stone terrace ready for spring!

    Relax after work for a beautiful outdoor area

    Farewell to winter – now we are looking forward to spring sun, mild temperatures, and beautiful flowers! It’s high time to wake the natural stone terrace from hibernation and roll up your sleeves – thorough spring cleaning is now the order of the day. In this article, you will learn everything about effective cleaning of terrace tiles, suitable outdoor furniture and delicate spring flowers for patio and garden!

    After the cold winter months, enjoy the sun’s rays on the terrace – with clean natural stone surfaces, nice and cozy outdoor furniture and lots of green and colorful flowers, the right spring mood comes up!

    Brilliantly clean? that’s how it works!

    Dry leaves, mossy spots – the winter months have hit the outdoor area. To make everything look beautiful and fresh again, one thing is particularly important: water. When cleaning natural stone, you should generally avoid chemical agents. With natural stone cleaner for outdoors or basic cleaner, deposits such as moss and algae can be effectively removed. Allow the agent to work well before cleaning. The mildly alkaline cleaner dissolves the dirt and can then be easily removed from the natural stone slabs with soft brushes or brooms. Rinse with clear water and the surfaces are nice and clean again. Green deposits on flower pots can also be removed with basic cleaner and plenty of water. There is even more information in our article Cleaning natural stone slabs.

    Unloved spring blossoms…

    besides to moss, so-called “blooming” can be occurrences on natural stone terraces. It is white, crystal-like incrustations on natural stone surfaces (lime or nitrate excretions). With proper laying, no efflorescence should occur. If you discover any on your terrace, you can remove it again. Here, too, a lot of clear water and proper brushing helps to remove the unpleasant spots.

    Pressure washer – quick and effective?

    It is apparently the guarantor for quick deep cleaning – the high-pressure cleaner. However, the use of the device is not without problems: its excessive water pressure can damage the stone structure. Then dirt can accumulate more easily and quickly.