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    How to Cut Natural Stone easy

    How to Cut Natural Stone easy

    Cut your Natural Stone Quite simply

    Nothing makes a homeowner more proud than a self-installed natural stone floor. It is logical that not every room size is perfectly suitable for the format of the tiles. In this case, you have to cut the natural stone to adapt it to corners, edges, and recesses. We will describe to you how you can easily do this yourself because cutting natural stone is not as difficult as you think!

    Important information in advance

    Depending on the thickness and hardness of the stone, various tools for cutting natural stone are recommended. Granite e.g. is one of the hardest natural stones in the world, while travertines are more porous and easy to break. But all-natural stones have one thing in common: In contrast to porcelain stoneware tiles, their massive structure means that they are not suitable for processing with a tile cutter, with which you can only scratch the tile and then simply break it off. Cutting natural stone is a bit cumbersome, but not impossible. In any case, remember to order approx. 10% waste when ordering your flooring. Especially if you lay natural stone yourself, it can happen that a slab or tile breaks. When you have the material together and everything is ready, you can cut the natural stone.

    Cut natural stone with the angle grinder

    If you choose to work with an angle grinder (also known as a flexor cut-off grinder), you have to be prepared for a dusty business. For this reason, appropriate protective clothing is essential. Dust mask and safety glasses are an absolute must. For your own safety, we also recommend the use of hearing protection, work gloves and shoes with steel caps. If you are adequately protected, you can cut the natural stone. Use a diamond wheel to machine the hard material. Instead of cutting through the natural stone completely and thus drastically increasing the wear on the diamond disc, score the tiles approx. 1 cm deep on both sides. Then you can lay them on a soft surface and separate both pieces with a hammer blow next to the predetermined breaking point.

    Cut natural stone with the cutting table

    If you want to avoid a large amount of dust, it is advisable to cut the natural stones with a wet cutting table, also called a stone saw. You can certainly borrow it from a nearby hardware store, where you should also get tips on how to use it. With this method, you need a special diamond disc that is suitable for wet cutting. The wet cutting table offers two decisive advantages: firstly, the edges are cleaner and straighter than with the angle grinder, and secondly, the water binds a large part of the stone dust produced. Cutting natural stone is a lot more pleasant. However, you also need hearing protection, safety glasses, work gloves and shoes with steel caps!

    The finishing touch

    If you have processed your natural stone with the wet cutting table, the edges of the slabs or tiles are straight. In some projects, rounded edges do a lot better. The solution is the post-processing with the angle grinder: This is simply placed at the desired angle on the edge of the natural stone, done! As you can see, cutting natural stone is easy.