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    How is Green Granite Made

    How is Green Granite Made

    What is Green granite?

    Green granite is one of the special building materials and is very versatile

    The noble building material granite is both robust and hard-wearing and is offered by us in many different colors, structures and also as green granite. Granite is also known for its hardness. Regardless of whether granite is to be used for interior construction or outdoors, this noble natural stone is always a good choice. In addition, this natural stone can be processed according to individual requirements and visually perfects any interior. This exclusive material is becoming increasingly popular, especially as custom made granite slabs or as granite tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. However, it does not always have to be the black-gray standard version, because granite is available in many different colors.

    The flashy Granite

    Green granite alone captivates with its striking color, which is very rare for granite. The light and cloudy structure make this stone particularly interesting. We also offer green granite in many different color shades. Green granite flanks noble and exclusive furnishing style and is always a significant sign of a certain specialty. Granite is a natural mixture of quartz, feldspars and various dark minerals. With green granite, the minerals phengite and chlorite dominate, which makes this natural stone shimmer so interesting green. Green granite conjures up a fresh ambiance in your living area. The high quartz content in green granites ensures robust stability and ensures effective longevity; even heavy use hardly causes any signs of wear.

    Origin and occurrence

    Green granite is mined in Turkey, India, Brazil, Italy, Scandinavia or South Africa. The country of origin is decisive for the respective color scheme. For example, the strong moss green accents, in conjunction with the pistachio green shades, form a harmonious interplay when it comes to granite stones from Brazil. The basic tone of the granite stones from Australia is different, but also interesting. The dark shade of green dominates here, which is partially broken by small fiery red particles. Each granite stone is unique and, depending on the light, looks noble and interesting at the same time. A non-binding inspiration for the entire range of offers in the “Green Granite” area is definitely worth it. Let yourself be enchanted by the green variety because green is not only the color of hope but also a timeless and elegant tone that suits every interior.

    Green granite – elegant and timeless

    The positive properties and the rare color make living rooms or representative offices unique due to the unusual color, texture and individual structures of these natural stones.