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    How is Gray Granite made

    How is Gray Granite made

    What is Gray granite?

    There are almost unlimited grades of gray granite
    Bergama Grey granite is also hidden among the types of granite. The igneous rock has worldwide occurrences and can be found on almost every continent. It is characterized by a dark gray natural tone with coarse grain. The granodiorite is available in its different shades from white gray to dark gray. The individual minerals consist of a directionless amount of rock, some of which also show a tectonic structure. An example is the eel catch, which convinces with a very noble dark color. This natural stone is mined in Turkey. This dark gray granite can be used in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors. As a granite tile for the floor, the room gets a very elegant touch.
    A clear composition of gray granites
    The basic structure of granites always has a crystalline mass. The main minerals are feldspar, mica, and quartz. The proportion of the respective minerals determines the appearance of gray granites. The differences in optics are characterized by a different amount of quartz. However, the minimum proportion always consists of a minimum of 20. In the composition of gray granite, plagioclase feldspar with a proportion of up to 30% ensures the gray tone in the rock mass. Plagioclase feldspar is usually white to off-white and rarely appears colored. In common usage, this attractive natural stone not only stands for its characteristic grain but also its unique properties. White and gray granite is almost indestructible and is therefore used universally.
    The gray granite in different facets
    The Hisar Grey leaves the impression as if it had a light gray background with dark inclusions. The evenly structured rock mass varies with its minerals in different shades and leaves an attractive and natural character. This gray granite comes from Turkey. Another version of gray granite is the Aksaray Sipahi natural stone. This granite, which comes from Ankara, is exceptional in that it has a light brown color. Medium grain, it has soft transitions of the minerals, so its structure looks a bit washed out.

    Another very nice specimen for a gray granite is the natural stone Giresun Vizon from the Giresun Region. It also shines with the peculiarity of a very fine-grained structure. As a worktop in the kitchen or as a step, it sets beautiful accents in the home. With the same robust properties for granite, it can also be used in the garden. As a floor tile or tabletop, it blends harmoniously into the green ambiance.

    Gray quartzite a dazzling eye-catcher!

    Are you looking for that certain something? With a shimmering silver surface, the quartzite tile Silver Gray is a real eye-catcher and looks anything but gray in gray. Anthracite-colored grains make it a unique piece that you can hardly get enough of. This gray natural stone looks anything but simple and exudes a touch of noble extravagance. It is ideally suited to harmoniously underline furnishing elements made of glass and metal, but the gray quartzite also comes into its own in combination with wood.