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    How is Brown Granite Made

    How is Brown Granite Made

    What is Brown granite?

    Brown granite has a very aesthetic appearance and has an exceptional texture
    Round inclusions in a mixture of different shades of brown result in an elegant appearance. One of the best known brown granite varieties is the Baltic Braun and comes from Finland. This perfectly shaped natural stone is an incredible 1.2 billion years old and was created in the pre-Cambrian phase. It describes an important period of the earth’s early period, i.e. a phase in which the animal world developed on earth. This fact alone makes the brown granite Baltic Braun a special granite of its kind.

    In the Precambrian, the plutons penetrated the earth’s crust and crystallized there over a period of millions of years. They formed feldspar crystals, which are an important part of the granite. In the case of the Baltic Braun, coarse-grained alkali feldspar sprinklers such as microcline or orthoclase developed. Both minerals are based on the brown color of the Baltic brown from Finland.

    The look of the Baltic Braun convinces with rounded, brownish large crystals. This natural stone is available in different brown colors. This brown granite can be polished, has a beautiful shiny surface and is frost-resistant when used outdoors.

    Dark African Beauty

    Another example is the Brown Antique from Angola. Hardly any natural stone convinces in pure elegance as the Brown Antique can. As a wall or floor covering, it creates a cozy atmosphere. It is also often used for decorative purposes outdoors. The African Brown Antique convinces with very good usage properties, has a high resistance and is very easy to care for in everyday life.

    Brazil, source of beautiful granite stones

    The Cafe Imperial also impresses as brown granite with its dark color. Granite categorized as syenite is rich in feldspar, but contains a small amount of quartz. The main mineral of the syenite is also alkali feldspar, which gives the natural stone its brown color. The Imperial Coffee has large deposits in Brazil and is mined there. It is suitable for the design of the bathroom, as an extravagant kitchen worktop or as a floor covering. With its good properties, it can be used universally.

    The Canadian among the granites

    Redditt Brown is another representative of brown granites. This beautiful natural stone is found in Canada. Rounded inclusions run in different directions and combine with the mineral mixture. Its light brown tone is appealingly beautiful and convinces with very good usage properties for the kitchen, bathroom and as a floor covering.