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    How is Beige Granite Made

    How is Beige Granite Made

    Sandy warm yellow Colors are actually rather rare with granite

    Beige granite a light sand tone that could not better embody down-to-earthiness and an attractive appearance. This is the basis of an extremely robust natural stone with an expressive character. Contrary to the well-known granite grain, this beige-colored granite presents itself with an almost smooth and straight structure. The finest lines run through the natural stone and in their entirety form a homogeneous structure. Thanks to this look, beige granite like the Ambra Dorata is often used as a floor tile in the living room or as a wall tile in the bathroom.

    Another beige granite is quite different – the beige Gold. This timelessly beautiful natural stone brings elegance and makes the home appear in a particularly luxurious ambiance. The warm natural tone in beige can be wonderfully combined with high-quality wooden furniture and brings excellent care. This granite from India is a prime example of beige granite with an individual character. Dark speckles create a completely natural appearance, where optically irregularities in the mineral structure are desirable. Not only standardized tiles are possible here, but also granite slabs cut to size. Last but not least, this different amount of rock testifies one fact: every granite natural stone in beige, gray or black is a product from nature that developed during the formation of the mountains on earth.

    The properties of use

    Granite in beige or black usually weighs at least 2100 kg / m³ up to more than 3000 kg / m³. The robust natural material is almost indestructible and, with a low water absorption starting at approx. 0.1 to approx. 3.8%, is very suitable for everyday use. Accordingly, hardly any water penetrates the surface structure, which makes it possible to use it indoors, such as the bathroom or kitchen, and outdoors. This gives the terrace with black or beige granite a weatherproof and temperature-resistant floor covering. Most types of granite are also completely insensitive to frost. Acid stains caused by fruit juice or wine are often feared. All-clear can also be given here for granite. The impregnation of the surface offers additional protection, which also makes cleaning the beige granite considerably easier.