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    How is Antique Marble made

    How is Antique Marble made

    What is antique marble?

    Antique marble is a processed natural stone made of limestone, travertine or original marble. The special thing about antique marble is a charming antique look, which moves in its style between ancient and modern times. In any case, antique marble looks timelessly beautiful and can be combined with any living style. The term therefore rather describes the luxurious look and conceals haptic properties at the same time.

    How is the popular antique marble created?

    The most important work steps for antique marble today often take place in the quarry. Here the natural stone is cut into slabs, after which it receives the decisive surface treatment: the slabs are placed in a rotating drum with other fragments of stone. Due to the movement, the fragments work into the surface. This creates the typical antique marble structure of the “soft” surface with rounded edges. Antique marble also speaks of a used look in everyday life. The extremely pleasant feel, which leaves the impression of hard-wearing antique tiles, is impressive. On a qualitative level, the antique marble slabs are as high quality as polished marble.

    Surface treatment for the antique look of natural stone

    After the final product, antique marble, there are further processing options. The brushed surface is very popular, for example to B. to be laid as antique marble tiles in the home. Strong brushes ensure a silky matt surface structure. Indeed, it looks antique and fits very well in old farmhouses. If antique marble is laid here, this covering looks very authentic. One could almost believe that the generations of the family-run through the house here!

    Areas of application of antique marble

    Application areas, antique marble can be found not only as a floor covering but also as a washstand in the bathroom or as a kitchen worktop. Even antique pieces of furniture appear with a new plate with an antique look in aesthetic authenticity. We offer you these special cuts for the washbasin in the bathroom. Steps in conjunction with window sills are also possible. Anyone refurbishing old furniture will be delighted to finish the refurbished table with a plate made of antique marble.

    Cleaning and maintain antique marble tiles

    Thanks to the processed surface, antique marble presents another good feature: they are particularly easy to care for. Similar to the old days, sweeping and wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. We supply a large range of antique marble whether as tiles or slabs made to measure such as windowsills, stairs or according to customer requirements.