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    Gray Marble Turkey

    Gray Marble Turkey

    Gray marble – Precious & Discreetly

    When marble and gray come together, a noble combination develops. Gray marble is an asset – this is generally true for buildings, but especially for private homes. Marble already has a beautiful look from its basic structure.
    Fine veins, soft lines or an almost even rock mass form the basis for the further processing of marble into marble slabs or marble tiles. In this ornament, which comes with gray marble, it is of course also suitable as a cover by the fireplace, as a step or decorative window sill. Last but not least, gray marble slabs are often used as a tabletop in combination with other natural stones.

    Gray marble – Natural stone in perfect beauty

    Marble is a carbonate rock that consists primarily of the minerals calcite, dolomite and a small proportion of aragonite. Its name translates to “shimmering” and thus this one word already describes the most beautiful attribute of this natural stone – it shimmers slightly and shows its beautiful face with a few glitter particles with optimal light. From a petrographic perspective, gray marble is one of the transforming stones. The original material was limestone, which turned into marble during a long process in the interior of the earth under extremely high temperatures and pressure.

    A general distinction is made between contact metamorphosis and regional metamorphosis. In contact with metamorphosis, the molten rock mass usually remains below the surface of the earth and cools down over a period of thousands of years. In order for this mass to develop into marble, rocks rich in carbonate are also transformed. These processes have a pressure of up to 10 kilobar and temperatures far more than 400 °C.

    The regional metamorphosis gives the future marble a directional structure, which creates the extraordinary folds or movements that can be seen in the marble.

    Gray marble ennobles the home

    So it is worth thinking about where gray marble can be used in the interior design. Light gray marble with fine marbling creates interesting accents as a washbasin in the bathroom. But marble tiles offer much more here. With antibacterial properties, it can be used as a floor or bench in the private steam sauna and impresses with the sheen of Roman baths.

    Antique brushed or polished, gray marble offers different design options for the interior. The timeless beauty of this natural stone creates aesthetically beautiful contrasts with other materials. Wooden cabinets in a classic or purist modern style complement the marble as well as glass or metal. Even the most modern stainless steel looks simply timelessly beautiful with gray marble. As an easy-care natural stone, blue or gray marble can be recommended for laying in any room.