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    Granite Types

    Granite Types

    Granite varieties are divided into three categories

    Preferred rocks are among the several thousand different types of granite. In the overview, the varieties can be divided into three categories. The quality of the granite is determined by its stability and manner of mining. Factors are the dominant stone color and the price.


    The quality of granite is determined by several factors. The higher the specific and uniform density, the higher the quality of the variety. Mechanical quality is determined by water absorption, pressure and bending tensile strength, abrasion and frost resistance.

    The mining process has a great influence on the quality of the granite types. Some quarries work with explosions that can cause hairline cracks and damage to the granite. Granite “patched” with resins, often as a special item or second choice on the market, are of poor quality.


    Sorting granite varieties into colors makes sense, as many buyers place their main focus on the dominant color. Most granites have several colors in their texture, but can be classified according to the overall visual impression. Granite types are available in blue, red, green, white, black, yellow and beige or sand colors.


    The main price factors for granite are the demand and the occurrence of the variety. Since most deposits have a limited amount of a particular variety, the degradable amount of the variety decides in the same quality and appearance.

    The prices for grades of granite are also based on the mining effort and machinability. Long and cumbersome transport routes and the development effort involved in mining also determine the prices for granite types. Then there is the processing effort. Harder granite consumes more energy and generates more tool wear when dismantling, which is reflected in the price.

    Tips and Tricks

    Note a special feature when looking for granite types. Some Chinese granites are known for their highly fluid-absorbing behavior and are very sensitive to staining.