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    Granite Terrace Tiles

    Granite Terrace Tiles

    Terrace tiles made of fine granite individualize your terrace as unique

    With granite terrace slabs, your terrace is as unique as it is designed by nature itself. Granite terrace tiles connect to nature and your house, no matter how big the terrace is. We offer you an almost infinite selection of granite terrace slabs.

    The most important requirement for a granite slab is the frost resistance. The slip resistance of granite slabs, which are still wet after a shower in the summer but are walked on by people, is no less important. Therefore a slip resistance of R 9 to R 12 for this type of panels, which should be adhered to urgently. The decisive factor here is the surface treatment of the panels. Our flamed & brushed terrace slabs normally meet this slip resistance.

    The naturally frost resistant granite can be installed on terraces. The plate thickness decides the substructure of the terrace. The adhesive and mortar required for laying must be waterproof, frost-resistant and weatherproof. Since the price per square meter depends on the thickness of the slab, you should fix the slabs before making the surface of the terrace and make sure that there is a slope of at least 1.5%.

    A very nice natural edge and rough surface, the laying of which gives a Mediterranean impression and the terrace bring back a piece of memory from the last vacation.