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    Granite Marble or Quartz

    Granite Marble or Quartz

    Granite, Marble or Quartz?

    When choosing stone worktops for your kitchen or bathroom, it is worth considering practical considerations first: the physical properties of the material, such as the material’s resistance to scratching, as well as its resistance to heat, dirt, and wear resistance.

    Since work surfaces are often key elements, from kitchens or bathrooms, it is important that the surface forms a unified with the used design elements and color solution of the interior.

    Resistant granite worktop with a unique pattern

    Granite is a strong material. In general, the simple rule applies: the darker the granite surface, the more resistant it is. Lighter and colored types of granite are usually somewhat softer and more porous, which makes them more sensitive to mechanical injuries and, in the event of negligence, they can get dirty faster.

    The great advantages of granite are its unique patterns and its naturalness. Our product range also includes a large selection of granite work surfaces – the appearance of the surfaces varies from exotic, wave-like patterns to dark, fine-grained patterns.

    A marble worktop – an affordable choice with a luxurious look

    Marble is very popular as a material for work surfaces and is widely used. Nevertheless, when choosing marble, it must be taken into account that it is a material that requires attention and care.

    Unlike granite, marble is easier to scratch. Marble is also sensitive to several common, acidic foods. When choosing marble, more attention should be paid to the prevention of stains, but with preventive care and regular impregnation, a marble work surface also lasts a long time. Impregnation is only necessary once a year or every two years, depending on the frequency of use.

    Most marble types are not suitable for use in the kitchen, but they look very good in the bathroom, as a window sill or as fireplace stones. The main advantage of marble compared to granite or quartz is the uniquely luxurious appearance, still the cheaper price.

    Quartz stone inspired by nature- modern, practical and resistant

    Quartz stone, an artificial stone, is a product that is several decades old and has been able to prove its practical value to this day. A quartz work surface is stronger and less porous, which means that it is difficult to scratch and permanent contamination is almost impossible. The choice of materials for artificial stone enables various design solutions of their own character because colors are also offered that cannot be found in nature. In recent years, the manufacturers of artificial stone have introduced several new, naturally inspired materials that combine the practicality of artificial stone with unique natural beauty. The best of two worlds!

    Quartz stone is best suited for a modern kitchen or living room. Quartz stone is not suitable as a window sill, as the long-term UV radiation can influence the color of the material. It is also not worth using artificial stone in front of the stove or the fireplace. Glowing wood can leave traces of burns on the material.

    We hope that our advice will help you decide which stone for work surfaces best suits your needs and desires. If you still have doubts or have any further questions, please ask our experts for detailed information. We deal with stone work surfaces every day and over the years we have accumulated extensive experience and know clever tricks on how we can help you to bring you closer to your goal of an ideal home.