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    Good Quality Turkish Fireplace Granite

    Good Quality Turkish Fireplace Granite

    Turkish Granite fireplace

    With the modern heating, the fireplace is again part of the cozy living room. When planning, a granite fireplace is often used. With excellent usage properties for the use of such a fireplace, granite chimneys from the basis. As a consumer, you also want a good foundation on which to place the fireplace. With many types of granite, we offer you the most extensive range of natural stones. Our professional competence, many years of experience and the technical know-how with which we can realize even the most unusual special requests make us your first point of contact for natural stones and surface processing.

    The advantages of the granite fireplace

    A granite chimney plate not only has visual advantages, but it also offers advantages in terms of heat distribution in the room. Granite chimney plates have a unique property: they store the heat for a long time and thus act as a radiator. The heat is slowly released again, so the heat effect of the fireplace can be increased by up to 50%. As a simple rule, the thicker the granite chimney is, the more heat can be stored and released slowly. After the chimney fire in the late evening, the granite chimney panel emits heat into the room for additional hours. With us, you have the possibility to determine the thickness of the granite chimney plate yourself. We manufacture the desired size and thickness individually for you.

    Timelessly beautiful the granite fireplace and wall cladding

    Granite is very heat-resistant and can, therefore, be used permanently as an elementary component. The surface is constantly protected, and the heat generated in the fireplace is ideally released. Fire as an existential element of life goes well with natural stone granite. It has developed into a universal beauty over thousands of years under extremely high temperatures and pressure. The individual minerals in the granite tell of this process, which illustrates this wonderful timelessness. Thanks to our huge selection, you can choose exactly the color you want for the granite fireplace and wall cladding. The cladding next to the fireplace also has a protective effect on the structure. Here, too, the heat given off is absorbed, stored and slowly released back into the room.