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    Fantastic Silver Travertine

    Fantastic Silver Travertine

    Matchless Silver Travertine

    If you decide to layout your terrace with our travertine silver, you will get a rustic stone that convinces with its balanced interplay of different color gradations. You will find light gray and dark gray tones here, but even individual anthracite-colored panels and always unobtrusive beige accents. This rustic look is further supported by the porosity that is typical of travertine and is particularly pronounced here.

    Travertine Silver for a terrace with temperament

    You will often find a wide variety of veins in this travertine in different colors, which underline that this is a real natural product – no two panels are alike. There are even inclusions of dark quartz that enhance the rustic look. This look is complemented by the drum, which gives our Silver an antique touch and caresses the feet when walking over it.

    The proportions of gray, anthracite and beige can fluctuate even from batch to batch. What remains the same, however, is the high quality: the travertine silver impresses with its small dimensional tolerances and slip resistance, even in the immediate vicinity of pools.

    Without frost damage during the winter

    Like all of our outdoor travertines, the silver travertine slabs are frost-resistant, so that even in mountainous surroundings you can be sure that your terrace will survive the winter safely. Proper laying is, of course, a prerequisite for this, which guarantees the unimpeded outflow of rain and meltwater.

    Proper installation

    In order for you to be able to admire your silver travertine sheets again in spring without damage, we recommend that the sheets be laid easily and economically. For this unbound construction, simply use a gravel foundation and a fine stone bed into which you put the travertine slabs. A slope of at least 3% should be maintained to prevent waterlogging under the panels.

    Don’t forget the impregnation!

    Those who like to spend long mild summer nights with their loved ones on the terrace should remember to impregnate the travertine plates. So you can relax and enjoy a glass of red wine without fear of stains on the natural stone floor.

    Versatile use

    Whether garden paths, steps, at the pool or in a classic way on your terrace: the Travertin Silver cuts a good figure everywhere!

    Silver tumbled Travertine

    Travertine silver is a light gray to silver-gray natural stone, interspersed with light, beige and sand-colored areas, structures and clouds. Close to nature, modern and timeless at the same time, this travertine impresses with its extraordinary coloring. The drawing and grain of the individual Plate differ from each other quite clearly in some cases, but the laid surface appears harmonious.

    The tumbled surface and the Roman bandage add a little rusticity and homeliness to the otherwise colorful terrace stone. For a smooth transition of your natural stone floor from inside to outside, we also offer this special travertine silver for indoor use.

    Special Travertine, Special price

    The special thing about this travertine is not only the color but unfortunately also the price. In Turkey, there are currently only 3 quarries that mine Travertine Silver. Coupled with worldwide high demand for this stone, the relatively high price comes about. We still strive to offer these great travertine slabs at a reasonable price.


    12”x12”x3/8” (30,5×30,5x1cm)
    16”x16”x1/2” (40,6×40,6×1,2cm)
    18”x18”x1/2” (45,7×45,7×1,2cm)
    12”x24”x1/2”-5/8” (30,5x61x1,2cm)
    16”x24”x1/2”-5/8” (40,6x61x1,5cm)
    24”x24”x5/8” (61x61x1,5cm)