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    Facts about Turkish Marble Table Top

    Facts about Turkish Marble Table Top

    Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones for unique tabletops.

    Its structure in fine lines sometimes resembles the delicate cloudy sky when the sun’s rays and delicate white structures mix on the horizon. Marble presents its noble character in the mixture of light and dark contrasts. The noblest among them, the pure White marble is almost unique and has rare occurrences worldwide. But the gray gradations are by no means appealing.

    The charm that makes Marble

    What is the appearance of marble? Why is this natural stone so fascinating as hardly any other? Marble brings elegance into the home and underlines the individual character of a person. Whether as a storage table in the bathroom or as a dining table in the living room – a room that is furnished with a marble table takes on a very special aesthetic form. The table laid with French wine glasses or a freshly picked bouquet of flowers is undoubtedly visually deepened by marble. You want to run your hand over it. In all its filigree appearance, however, Turkish marble is a fairly robust natural stone in different nuances.

    Marble Formation?

    In technical terms, marble is a carbonate rock that is created by the metamorphosis transformation – of limestone deep inside the earth. Extremely high temperatures and pressures have developed into the marble known today in millennia-old processes. Its main components are aragonite, calcite, and dolomite. Marble contains small to large crystalline crystals of calcite on average.

    These give this natural stone its shimmering quality.

    Extremely fine-crystalline marble stones are particularly popular in sculpture, so it is not surprising that even Michelango knew the valuable marble for his statues from the Italian town of Carrara.

    Today marble is in demand as a wall covering for the fireplace, as a worktop in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Due to its very good usage properties, marble is suitable especially in wet rooms or outdoors. In this respect, you can order a round marble tabletop or a large rectangular table from us.