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    Facts About Onyx Marble

    Facts About Onyx Marble

    Onyx Marble luxury for individualists

    Noble, of exceptional charisma, color and grain is onyx marble. As a building material, it has been used primarily for decorative purposes since ancient times. With us, you get the valuable natural stone in the colors green and yellow-beige to measure. Many other Onyx varieties.

    The Star among the Limestones

    From the point of view of petrography, rock or stone science, the term onyx marble is actually misleading. Because this type of stone is neither → marble nor onyx, but lime sinter, a freshwater lime. This is formed by calcareous deposits that bring fresh water courses, spring water or leachate with it. The minerals aragonite and calcite are contained in the onyx marble. These two substances – like other minerals – were previously known as semi-precious stones. This description alone shows how much the material is valued. There are still deposits of this valuable building material in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. However, the deposits are not inexhaustible, which also entails the high price.

    Popular for its translucency

    Its unique play of colors and its stripes – from white to beige and yellow to orange, red and brown, green and even blue with very rare exceptions – made onyx marble a building material for palaces and churches. Even today it is a luxurious building material with very special properties. The contained crystalline minerals give the lime sinter a special shine. However, its unmistakable characteristic is its transparency and translucency. Even with a thickness of up to three centimeters, there is a translucent lighting effect. Onyx marble is therefore preferred to be used together with the light that backlit the stone.

    We also offer onyx marble as special panels. These plates are ground to a thickness of 1 cm. Then translucent honeycomb nylon is glued to the back of the panels. After that, the plates are considerably lighter and also much more resistant to breakage. These plates are ideal when weight needs to be saved or these plates e.g. B. can be installed as steps, countertops or murals.

    Significant lighting in modern architecture

    Natural stone brings light and luxury with it when it is used in shops and hotels in the entrance area, at the reception or in the hall. Indoors, onyx marble is also popular in bathrooms. It doesn’t always have to be the large stone front. Skilfully set details such as storage areas, the veneering of wall projections or as a support for side tables become eye-catchers in which the onyx marble is placed in the right light in a double sense.

    We would be happy to support you with your special project made of onyx marble.