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    Extraordinary Black natural stone

    Extraordinary Black natural stone

    Sophisticated Black tiles!

    We know it from the world of fashion: the color black is the epitome of elegance and style. Excitingly beautiful and at the same time casual – the darkest of all colors is a true combination talent. Black also contributes to a high-quality and elegant overall impression when designing living rooms and outdoor areas. Tiles and terrace tiles made of the dark natural stone give your home a very special and extravagant flair.

    Modern elegance and glamor black works!

    Extraordinary Black is a real secret that can be combined in the most impressive ways. For example, soft pastel tones with black walls or floors look particularly delicate and noble. The combination with the color white is a simple and beautiful evergreen, on which the Skandi style is based. Furniture or decorative elements in a shiny metal look with black walls and floors achieve a glamorous effect. Bright colors as accents for furniture or home textiles are also a good choice for natural stone in black and create real eye-catchers. The color black also goes well with warm wood tones and intensifies the natural charisma of the grown material. Whether emphatically modern, classically elegant or casual Scandinavian: different natural ideas can be realized with black natural stone – entirely according to individual taste.

    Slate is dark tones

    Black slate, which shows shades from expressive anthracite to rich black, is one of the most popular natural stones. In addition to the elegant coloring, it is also the characteristic slate that fascinates. The lively structures of the Black Rustic slate are particularly beautiful. The Porto slate with its wave-like drawings and the matt black tint is also one of the favorites among natural stones. Intense gray and anthracite show slate types like the slate Mustang or the Jagdish slate – if black is too dramatic and still likes dark tones, these natural stones may find their favorites.

    Exciting black Stone

    Marble is not only available in the brilliant white variant with which we automatically associate the term. In addition to many other colors, nature has created the noble stone in a deep black tint. With its bright, playful textures, black marble has a similarly luxurious effect to its light brother and brings a good portion to the living room design. It is sufficient if black marble sets accents – window sills or a kitchen worktop made of natural stone with character bring a high-quality and noble overall effect.

    Authentic natural stone look in black

    Anyone who loves the look of black natural stone and appreciates the practical properties of porcelain stoneware is well advised to use tiles in black natural stone look. However, quality matters – only high-quality stone tiles can offer an authentic look due to their variety of decorations. The New Moon slate-look tiles in the Jonastone range come from first-class Italian production and look deceptively similar to the dark original.

    Easy & practical: maintain a black natural stone

    How easy is everyday care and maintenance of tiles made of black natural stone? The reassuring answer: With black Natural Stone, slate, it doesn’t take much effort to keep the surfaces beautiful and well-kept. It is best to sweep the dirt off with soft brushes or simply wipe off dirt with clear water. So that stains don’t stand a chance, it is important to impregnate the stones during or after the laying process. This gives them extra protection that prevents oil, grease, and other liquids from getting into the surfaces.

    Natural Stone Care Products

    With a wipe care product that is matched to natural stone, you keep the floors in top condition. High-pressure cleaners promise quick and easy cleaning – we recommend that you do not. The water jet of these devices is often too strong and can roughen the structure of natural stone slabs – stone types such as limestone or sandstone are particularly sensitive here. But we also advise against using this device for granite, marble, etc. It is better to simply use a broom, water, and mild wiping care.