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    Dragon Onyx Stone

    Dragon Onyx Stone

    Dragon Onyx is one of the marble models which can make a very nice reflection on the front when it receives light from the backside.
    Product Name: Dragon Onyx
    Usage area: special countertops, and Kitchen Decorations, Architectural motifs.
    Characteristics: Coffee Beige and Red colors with round patterns.

    How is Onyx Marble form

    Onyx marbles consist of the minerals calcite or aragonite. Both are modifications of the chemical compound calcium carbonate. It is non-marine (so freshwater lime), chemical sediments.

    In principle, the stalactites (stalactites, stalagmites), if they consist of lime, are also included. In the past, these natural beauties were obtained on a small scale from certain caves and processed for decoration or jewelry purposes. Because these pillar-like deposits only allow small raw pieces to be mined, the stocks are relatively low and nature conservation awareness was already widespread in this sector in the 19th century, modern applications were only very limited. The mostly ring-shaped structure in cross-section severely limits the possible uses. Today it goes without saying that caves are no longer looted because of this “raw material”.