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    Denizli Medium Travertine

    Denizli Medium Travertine

    Denizli Travertine is a medium dark-colored stone. Preferred for customers who use a darker shade in their designs.
    Product Name: Denizli Medium Travertine
    Usage area: Kitchen and bathroom countertops, interior exterior floor, wall covering, monument, sculpture, and table.
    Characteristics: It has medium darkness in a beige tone.

    Medium Travertine Tumbled

    The travertine medium is a rustic travertine that receives a special touch due to the characteristic recesses on the surface. The color nuances in brown to beige tones exude Mediterranean warmth and take you back to your last Mediterranean vacation. This travertine is similar to the Travertin Rustic and the Travertin Medium and is the medium-rustic variant of the three types of stone!

    Medium Travertine Polished

    With its cream-colored basic color, the travertine medium line is a natural stone with a soft look. The fine color nuances in light to dark beige tones give the stone a warm, friendly charm. The isolated grain in darker brown tones gives the stone its individual character. All in all, the travertine panels look harmonious and elegant at the same time. A natural stone that combines modernity, naturalness, and coziness!