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    Denizli Light Travertine

    Denizli Light Travertine

    It is another of the light-colored members of Denizli travertine
    Usage area: With its high and fast production structure, it is one of the products that can make great projects quickly and flawlessly. Because it is light-toned, easily use in exterior facades of large buildings.
    Characteristics: Light Beige colored with a slight white pattern.

    Modern travertine for high-quality interior design

    The coloring in fine cream and beige tones and the silky matt sheen of this travertine let the interior shine in a delicate elegance. Thanks to its delicate color gradients, it draws attention without dominating the entire room.

    Natural elegance with travertine

    The polished surface brings out the characteristic stone colors even better and gives the stone a special elegance. Due to the stylish and warm overall impression, it can be combined with a variety of furniture styles and colors.

    Travertine light brings the sun into the house

    Mediterranean tiles made of natural stone are available in numerous variants. Whether light or dark, with an elegant or rustic touch – every lover of the warm south will find the right tile here. The limestone Miros is the right choice for a subtle and light-filled feeling of space. Creamy white pastel tones and a soft matt surface create a warm feeling of living with a natural touch. The uniform, bright color scheme underlines every furnishing style without dominating. Alternatively, the travertine tile Light gives your home a friendly atmosphere. Delicate color nuances and the matt-rough surface combine elegance with a slightly rustic accent.