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    Denizli Cream Travertine

    Denizli Cream Travertine

    The darkest cream beige travertine stone in Denizli Region.
    Recommended for customers who like dark shades
    Product Name: Denizli Cream Travertine
    Usage area: interior and exterior wall covering
    Dark beige colored with white lines.
    Country of Origin:
    Denizli – Turkey

    Formation Travertine

    Water can be enriched with dissolved CO2 by supplying CO2 from volcanic and post-volcanic degassing and thereby acidified, and they can thus dissolve calcium from rocks, especially from limestone if they leak through the rocks. In this way they become potential travertine formers: If they emerge from the surface of the earth in sources and/or are heated, CO2 escapes and calcium carbonate precipitates as travertine.

    “Cold” springs are more important for the formation of travertines than from hot springs. The water is usually heated at the surface, and the lime dissolved in the cool water precipitates in the immediate vicinity of the source and forms rock deposits. [2] With small additions of limonite, travertine can be colored yellowish to brown, with hematite reddish to red, often layered with different intensities, banded in the gate.