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    Decorative Marble

    Decorative Marble

    Decorative Marble Products Turkey

    Marble is a fine natural stone. Its name comes from the Greek word for shine. The irregularity and frequency of the calcite veins are characteristic, which makes it look unique and noble. Whoever touches the stone feels cool, it looks indestructible and attractive.

    It gives living spaces a corresponding character: marble as a floor speaks for taste, and quality awareness, but it not only scores well as flooring, it is also suitable as a staircase, washstand and window sill. A distinction is between the marble types based on their appearance, veins, and coloring, so not every marble has the same technical properties.

    The marble surface is often polished, but can also be brushed. With marble, it is important to pay attention to the care and cleaning so that the shine and the naturalness are preserved. The wide selection of marble slabs in different colors and thicknesses makes it easy for you to always find the right design solution. Made-to-measure and perfectly crafted products are a lifelong pleasure. Marble goes best with a modern style of furnishing, but also with a classic, elegant look. It is a very noble stone, looks almost elegant, in any case very timeless.