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    Calacatta Marble Turkey

    Calacatta Marble Turkey

    Calacatta White Marble

    The exclusive and rare White marble is best known for its beautiful play of colors from a brilliant white base with soft light gray grains. The Calacatta King White is available in every format and can also be cut to size if required.

    Calacatta is available…

    Marble tiles, marble slabs, marble stairs, marble window sills and other marble – cuts.

    Application: tile, floor tiles, steps, window sills, wall covering
    Kitchen countertops, bath cover, mosaic


    The Calacatta marble, This stone can be processed in all thicknesses and in various surface treatments and individually adapted to any object size.

    Description material type

    Marble is a metamorphic carbonate rock and consists almost exclusively of calcite and/or dolomite. This was transformed into a fully crystalline rock by exposure to pressure and heat. Marbles are also slightly transparent due to their crystalline structure as centimeter-thin plates. Marble is usually sensitive to acids and is very suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications.