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    Burdur Beige

    Burdur Beige

    Burdur Beige Marble, it is one of the most used beige colored marble.
    Recommended for decorative and architectural projects.
    Product Name: Burdur Beige
    Usage area: Interior wall covering, steps, marble table, bathroom applications, interior, and exterior floor covering.
    Characteristics: Beige colored with a light white pattern.
    Country of Origin: Turkey

    Marble tiles Burdur Beige noble polished

    Fine home decor to enjoy

    Like the wind, drawn in soft, almost delicate streams and waves in a wall of clouds on a late summer day: marble can be so lively and at the same time filigree playful! Burdur Cream is a harmonious combination of high-quality home decor and a relaxed attitude to life. In contrast to many other types of marble, it is not permeated with wave-like marbling or high-contrast streaks, but with delicate veins that give the stone its special character.

    The marble tiles are appealing due to their light, very uniform coloring in cream and ivory. The delicate veins that drag across the surface make each tile an inimitable one-off. The polished surface emphasizes the drawings again and underlines the noble effect of Burdur Beige.

    The marble looks very homogeneous, friendly and modern. With regard to your living taste, it gives you enough space and opportunities to develop thanks to its bright color scheme.