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    Brown Onyx Stone

    Brown Onyx Stone

    Brown Onyx Stone another rare example of our local multicolored onyx types. The structure of this stone and high quality of its patterns greatly increase the interest for architects
    Product Name: Brown Onyx
    Usage area: Table, countertops, decorative decorations, special floor coverings.
    Characteristics: Isohips patterned between brown and white.

    What is Onyx Marble?

    Onyx is opaque to translucent, two-tone black and white layered, fibrous variety of chalcedony, which in turn is a variety of the mineral quartz. Agate is a similar, but multi-colored variety.

    In contrast, onyx marble (also onyx marble or marble onyx) is a yellow, brown or green limestone-sintered rock, which is often given the short name onyx.