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    Brown Marble Turkey

    Brown Marble Turkey

    Brown Marble with a warm look

    Brown marble is available in different variations. As a floor plate or wall tile, this beautiful natural stone draws a harmonious picture in the living room.

    Generally, there is brown marble with a dark base and light veins or as an optically shattered surface structure. The stone converted from limestone also shows soft, curved lines in individual specimens, which represent the transformation and tectonic movements very well.

    Brown marble in several forms

    The starting material in the creation of marble is limestone. Through a long conversion process, it develops into marble under high pressure and temperatures of approx. 400 ° C. In addition to calcite, other rocks are also involved in the metamorphosis. In the tectonic sinking, which is also known as regional metamorphosis, other minerals mix into the mass and give the marble its very own character. Marble developed largely across the globe during the mountain fold. The different appearance is also due to ductile deformation and after a long cooling phase does not show any veining, but rather a flow structure or a wrinkled structure. Ductile deformation is a geological term and describes that rock material can not only become brittle but also plastically deform. These movements are reflected in the soft lines of marble.

    Brown marble integrated into the house as part of nature

    Brown is a classic earth color. People feel comfortable with brown tones in the home atmosphere. This color creates harmony and closeness to the earth. Last but not least, wood furniture is also created. When designing living spaces, brown marble can therefore be combined very well with various living styles. If you love light and clear furniture, you will create a wonderful contrast with a brown marble tile. The cool style of the furniture is subtly balanced by the soft coloring.

    Marble in Brown in the application

    From light brown marble to very dark marble tiles, there are numerous design options available. The particularly beautifully structured marbles are very suitable in the bathroom. As a washstand or wall tile, brown marble creates a uniquely beautiful ambiance that is stylishly combined with wood or glass. Glass shower walls, for example, perfectly complement the walk-in shower room. Brown marble can be polished or brushed for the individual purpose.
    Brown marble can be used anywhere for indoor use. Many, but not all types of marble are frost-resistant. If it is planned to lay it outdoors, the material with its very individual composition will decide here.