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    BlueStone Marble

    BlueStone Marble

    BlueStone Marble Tiles and Slabs

    Dimensions: All common sizes available
    Surface: polished

    Natural stone for stairs and window sills

    Stairways made of natural stone set design standards and their resilience cannot be surpassed. Due to the variety of materials, Blue Stone Marble is a suitable natural stone for every environment in your home.

    Bluestone antique Tumbled

    Depending on the processing or refinement of the surface, bluestone appears in very different ways. With clear edges and a polished surface, a natural stone feels pleasantly soft. Large bluestone slabs or tiles on the floor or wall create a great puristic picture. The bluestone is extracted in Turkey and, in comparison to Belgian bluestone, usually has larger veins. The selective inclusions give a very natural and authentic picture.

    In order for the bluestone tiles to get the used look, they must first be tumbled with other natural stones. The surface that the bluestone would get after some time due to natural wear and tear is created using a process in which the natural stone tiles are tumbled. The edges get curves and notches. The surface of the tiles also looks more natural. Processed and used in this way, the stone creates a special Mediterranean ambiance.