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    Blue Marble Turkey

    Blue Marble Turkey

    Here you will discover our blue Marble

    Blue Marble is one of the most beautiful decorative stones in the world of natural stones. Marble tiles appear in various shades of blue, dark as the sea, or with a white structure, like passing clouds in the sky.

    This special limestone is perfect as a floor covering, tabletop or wall tile. Colored marbles have been created in many regions of the world.

    Blue marble – united in beauty

    One of the well-known regions of Turkey is in Afyon, where the famous Tundra Blue marble is mined. At around 30 million years old, the original limestone has turned into an attractive marble. Dead sea animals and fossil remain mixed with a high proportion of calcite under high temperatures and pressure conditions to the marble known today.

    Fascinating, millions of years old and characterized by eternal grace

    With a look at the history of its creation, blue marble becomes expressly interesting. The emergence of different marbles is the same. Marble developed from limestone in a phase of the earth when dinosaurs still inhabited the planet. The named deposits originated from clastic sediments that solidified into limestone in processes of millions of years. In the course of the continental shifts, individual layers of the rock masses overlapped. The marble slabs offered today are still witnesses of the continental formation of Europe and Africa. Only their fine grain silently tells of temperatures above 400 °C and extremely high-pressure ratios of around 3-10 bar.

    Marbles get their coloring from individual minerals. Red marble contains an example of a share of hematite, gray-blue or blue marbles are interspersed with graphite. Dark blue marble often has a clearly recognizable calcite and quartz vein. She is responsible for the typical marbling, which gives the stone an individual touch. These noble marbles are among the finest natural stones that are used both indoors and outdoors.