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    Bilecik Green Onyx

    Bilecik Green Onyx

    Bilecik onyx is preferred for decorative marble applications. it has a very high consumption rate. Extracted from the Northwest region.
    Product Name: Bilecik Onyx
    Usage area: countertops and wall coverings, table projects, interior decorations.
    Characteristics: Light and dark green with very light yellow pattern

    Mining Onyx Marble

    A typical form of deposit is nest-like or cavernous (local cavities) deposits in limestone or travertine deposits. They allow only small quantities to be mined. Thin banks with a thickness of a few decimeters can often be observed. Only flat raw blocks can be obtained here for processing.

    Only a few deposits in the world have large thicknesses, which enable the mining of large blocks and thus the production of large sawn raw slabs. In many deposits, there is a mixture of lime sinter and normal lime/travertine. This reduces the visual attractiveness of the onyx marble or causes natural instability. Cracks and easily breaking workpieces are the results. For this reason, a lot of material has to be sorted out during the process – as a result of which the end products receive their high sales price.