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    Bianco Ibiza Marble

    Bianco Ibiza Marble

    Kitchen worktops in Bianco Ibiza marble

    There is no other stone that is as well known and popular as Bianco Ibiza Marble. Throughout the millennia, Bianco Ibiza is a timeless and unique symbol of luxury. What is special is not only the venerable past of this stylish stone but also that it was superior to fashion trends – the durability of Bianco Ibiza, the translucent surface and the beauty sparkling in the light is eternal.

    Bianco Ibiza Prestige and Elegance

    Bianco marble tiles are not only overwhelmingly beautiful, but they are also a clear commitment to exclusivity and a sense of prestige. Whether used as wall and floor covering, like steps or washbasins – the Tuscan marble gives your own four walls an extremely luxurious ambiance of timeless, classic elegance