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    Best Way to Maintain Marble

    Best Way to Maintain Marble

    Marble tiles can be beautiful forever!

    Marble tiles are very popular due to their stability and their elegant appearance. They have sustainable properties that can be permanently maintained with the right care. In order to maintain the soft shine on the tiles, marble must not be treated with harsh cleaners. These roughen the surface and therefore have an effect not only on the appearance but also on the resistance to weather influences.

    Marble tiles are one of the most beautiful natural materials that can be installed in a house. They are not only pretty to look at, but they are also very easy to care for. However, they should be treated correctly so that the extravagant shine is permanently retained.

    As a compact natural stone, marble is easy to clean without having to use harsh cleaners for marble tile care. Usually, a simple microfiber cloth and a normal household cleaner in the water are sufficient. If a stain turns out to be particularly stubborn, you can simply help with a sponge. After cleaning the marble tiles on the floor or on the wall, the experienced housewife or houseman can apply a little more wax.

    Marble tiles and Tips

    Very simple natural wax is ideal for maintaining marble tiles to emphasize the natural, silky sheen of the natural stone. If the wax is applied, it creates a noble surface gloss that lasts a long time. However, the motto ‘less is more’ should really be observed in your marble care. But it can also happen that in-between contamination occurs that was quickly removed but has reduced the natural shine. Here you can quickly help with baby oil. Either the clever housewife simply puts some baby oil on a soft cloth or uses a baby oilcloth instead to polish up the vacant area.

    If you prefer natural and proven home remedies instead of expensive special cleaners, you will find enough maintenance products in your kitchen cupboard that can make a marble covering shine. A small amount of cooking oil rubbed thinly on your marble tiles reveals the natural stone shine. Stubborn stains can also be removed with a lemon peel and a little household salt. These cleaning tips are as simple as they are effective and in no way harm the environment. Like normal household cleaners, they are used for marble tile care and are generally not a problem for allergy sufferers. The owners of pets also often prefer to use natural cleaners so that the marble tiles are cared for gently. The easy-care marble tiles are not only beautiful but also extremely grateful for some care.

    Impregnate marble better

    As experts, however, we recommend that you permanently impregnate the marble tile floor or marble tiles in the bathroom, which greatly simplifies further marble tile maintenance. An impregnation layer prevents unpleasant water stains and limescale stains that are difficult to remove. Grease stains can also leave marks on marble tiles, which make maintenance much more difficult. In our specialist trade, there are special cleaning agents that are perfectly tailored to the cleaning of marble tiles. However, the homeowner should seek advice because the different types of marble tiles also require different special cleaning agents for marble tile maintenance. For example, a polished marble tile floor should be cleaned immediately with a wiper or a soft cloth from dirt or small stones that could impair the surface gloss. Here the simple trick with a doormat in front of the front door can save you a lot of work.

    Helpful Tips for Marble care

    When laying the tiles, make sure that the surface of the marble tiles does not come into contact with coarse-grained sand or dirt. Occasional sweeping of the surfaces is strongly advised when working with marble. At this time, only lukewarm water is used for cleaning without the addition of cleaning agents. Subsequently, a special cleaner for natural stone is the solution against dirt and a matt, porous appearance. Since a marble floor is an acid-sensitive floor covering, a falling glass with lemonade can lead to dull stains and permanent damage to the floor. However, this does not mean that marble tiles are sensitive and therefore not suitable for floors with heavy loads. Treating the surface in the form of a seal and impregnation can prevent this damage and make the surface of the marble insensitive to various contaminants.

    Caring for marble is not just about cleaning

    There are two different types of cleaning that lovers of marble floors should both use. On the one hand, the basic cleaning would be named, on the other hand, the maintenance cleaning. During basic cleaning, the floor is cleaned with a cleaner suitable for natural stone to remove coarse dirt such as moss, algae or dust. Maintenance cleaning is practically fine-tuning, which should be carried out at regular intervals. If you are not sure about a cleaner, you can completely do without it and clean the marble tiles with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Despite the impregnation, the surface is susceptible to acidic substances and reacts with dullness. If a cleaning agent is selected, it should be especially suitable for marble and be free of acidic substances. The best thing to do is to ask your specialist dealer how best to clean marble surfaces and keep them beautiful over the long term.

    What is needed for marble care?

    A microfiber cloth is recommended as a rag. To sweep the floor, you should avoid brooms with artificially produced bristles and tend to a sweeper that was made with natural bristles. Under no circumstances is a vacuum cleaner recommended for cleaning marble floors, as this can leave scratches and thus permanently damage the surface of the tiles. If there is little contamination, cleaning agents are best avoided in the course of routine cleaning. If heavier soiling occurs in places, a powerful and acid-free cleaner can be used here. By using a cloth or mop made of microfiber, you can work with light pressure and usually remove the stains easily.

    The marble looks very luxurious and noble due to its silky sheen. To maintain this property and not to destroy the surfaces through incorrect cleaning, care should be taken when caring for marble floors.