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    Beige Marble Turkey

    Beige Marble Turkey

    Here you will find our beige marble types

    With its fine gradations, marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones. These nuances range from pure white, which is very rare, to greyish white to black marble. Beige marble also occurs in this color spectrum. The composition and appearance of various marble stones.

    Marble is so diverse

    Basically, from a petrographic point of view, there are two types of marble: First, there are transformation stones (metamorphoses), which in their composition consist of a high proportion of calcite, a part of dolomite and rarely aragonite. Most marbles, however, are mono-mineral and consist almost entirely of carbonate mineral. With the combination of high temperatures and high pressure at the same time, they were exposed to a transformation phase in which the smallest crystals formed. These can often be seen with the naked eye. The connection between limestone and marble is very close and cannot always be clearly identified. Beige marble is also known as limestone, which is classified as limestone in the subcategory of marble stones.

    Beige marble with clear characteristics

    The absence of fossils is typical of marble or this special limestone. This characteristic also clearly distinguishes beige marble, because it is clear, lightly colored with typical marbling but without the inclusion of animal skeletons. This beige marble is colored by a small amount of limonite, which is also known as brown iron ore. The Sivrihisar Beige also belongs to the limestone with its delicate coloring. As beige marble, it is characterized by excellent usage properties. This shows the variety of marble or certain limestones that fascinate people. The color deviations that marble leads into different categories is quite normal. Marble is generally frost-resistant, but not all varieties have this characteristic. The individual types always show whether a beige marble can be used outdoors.

    Multi-faceted and always perfect

    Beige marble is often used as a floor slab. Here it shines with a very warm, harmonious flair that creates a rustic ambiance. The fine veining runs through the entire structure of the base plate. With the Crema golden is clear in which gradations beige marble occurs. Some of these natural stones appear with delicate grain, while others only show up in their pale colors. Nature shows itself so differently in its development phases and even in one and the same mining area as in Sivrihisar, Turkey, beige marble appears in its very own way.