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    Balaban Green Granite

    Balaban Green Granite

    Balaban Green Granite is preferred by customers who want to cover the floor and wall by using green color granite. When it is polished, it offers a very beautiful image especially in-ground applications.
    Product Name: Balaban Green
    Usage area: Floor coverings, interior, and exterior cladding, countertops, pools and artistic structures.
    Characteristics: Green and gray-white wavy pattern.

    Green granite is refreshingly exotic

    Many people generally associate granite with hardness and a reserved, gray appearance. This is not surprising, since gray is the color of most types of granite, and natural stone is actually used when the building material has to withstand tough load tests. One only believes that granite can also look elegant and dreamy when green granite is presented.

    Why is green granite green at all? Granite consists mainly of quartz, feldspars and dark minerals. Quartz is represented by approx. 20 – 40%, but the mineral hardly contributes to the coloring of granite, because it is mostly colorless transparent and in rare cases pink or blue-gray to gray. Orthoclase and potash feldspar, on the other hand, which make up the largest share of granite with 40 – 60%, usually have a strong red shade. Every now and then the dominant colors here are also blue or green. Two minerals are responsible for this: Phengit colors the natural stone light green, chlorite is responsible for the dark green shades.

    Green granite worldwide

    The green natural stone can be found in all corners of the world: Green granite is mined not only in India, Australia, Brazil, and Iran, but also in Turkey, Scandinavia, South Africa, and Ukraine. You can discover very different appearances: Green Rose, also called mon sum, is a green granite from India that has a very delicate, light green base tone. Delicate accents are set with beige and pink polka dots. On the other hand, the structure of the Brazilian Verde Imperial looks wild and exciting: moss-green, cloudy grains mix with pistachio and grass-green waves and offer the viewer an exciting green spectacle. The granite Verde Fucuo from Australia appears completely different. The basic tone is dominated by a dark green, which is broken through in places by collections of small, fiery red dots. Exciting! Green granite is really extremely variable and stands out no matter what type is used.