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    Attractive Marble Stairs

    Attractive Marble Stairs

    Marble staircases for every taste

    Natural stone is in vogue and is very big again. Marble, in particular, is very easy to maintain and offers you almost only advantages compared to wood. A cantilevered staircase made of marble can last a lifetime if cared for and always remains attractive. Marble stairs are not only robust and easy to clean, but they are also beautiful and, thanks to their diverse colors and structures, can be adapted to any style, be it classic, modern, simple or pompous.

    Marble stairs made from over 100 types of Stone

    While marble stairs used to be constructed broadly and powerfully, they now impress more and more with simple elegance. The material used for risers and steps can be very different.

    Marble staircase Noble and timelessly beautiful

    The marble staircase in the house is impressive with its unique look. This timeless beauty has fascinated sculptors since ancient times. And even in modern living room design.

    This noble natural stone creates a harmonious ambiance in the house. The fine nuances of marble can flow into the entire color scheme of the room. Compared to granite, marble stair treads look warm and noble, while the antique natural stone has comparable usage properties. We can also offer you the matching marble tiles or slabs for your marble staircase for a harmonious picture.

    Natural stone is in demand! So also the marble staircase as a living element

    Living trends in recent years have repeatedly produced natural stones. In addition to being used as a floor covering or kitchen worktop, it is above all living elements such as window sills or steps that are in great demand. The functionality of these materials goes hand in hand with the look. Natural stones such as marble are optically stable and relatively easy to care for. Thanks to these properties, marble is now also used as a step. The surface should be impregnated. Then the marble stairs are cleaned as usual with a damp wipe. With this simple handling, marble stairs are convincing.

    Timelessly beautiful classics in new designs

    Nothing is impossible and especially nowadays unusual design ideas create an individual flair that underlines the personality of the residents of the house. This shows the variety of marble because the beauty of this natural stone can wonderfully combine with brushed stainless steel or brass. The different structure of marble allows adaptation to the living space. The fine veining and visible crystalline in this carbonate rock set the desired accents.

    Resistance pays off in life

    It is worth investing in a marble staircase. While the surface of the wood has to be renewed from time to time, marble lasts for a lifetime, so to speak. The surface is stable and only needs to be polished if this is desired.

    Even without polishing or impregnation, the surface structure of marble is retained. Likewise the visibility of the fine marbling. The crystallization of the minerals does not change and remains constant. The desired surface structure is also helpful, the customer opts for the silk matt surface or an antique look. In this way, the surface is processed, the individual steps can be installed directly without the need for further work steps.