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    Ares Quartz Stone

    Ares Quartz Stone

    Ares Quartz Stone is preferred in many areas especially in kitchen worktops, a marble patterned stone. This stone reflects the naturalness of marble to the area where applied with its veined surface structure.
    Product Name: Ares Quartz
    Usage area: For all kinds of counter and Wallcovering in kitchen and bathroom applications.
    Characteristics: Gray thin spot pattern.

    Benefits of Quartz Stone

    A quartz stone worktop is made of natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals found on Earth, and it adds small amounts of glass or metallic stains for variety, creating beautiful countertops. Another advantage of quartz stone is that it is not a porous material – its structure does not allow bacteria to grow and it can withstand soiling, so your family is on the safe side and kitchen cleaning remains easy. This is why quartz stone worktops never need to be sealed.

    In addition to the durability that quartz stone offers, this material is beautiful and the rich range of color options is definitely eye-catching. You have almost endless possibilities because quartz stone ranges from natural colors such as white, black and brown tones to other colors such as gold and blue tones. The presentation of a quartz stone worktop not only brings a special character to your kitchen but also offers performance advantages that surpass other conventional materials.