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    Antique Marble Tiles Turkey

    Antique Marble Tiles Turkey

    Antique marble tiles with a special surface

    Of course, they appear as if they had not been processed in their surface properties. It is precisely this individuality that makes the elegant tiles so attractive and makes an increasingly popular material for the floor, but also for the wall. Antique marble tiles can be used as wall tiles or indoor floor tiles.

    Antique marble tiles vs. polished marble tiles

    The surface of conventional marble tiles is (highly polished) polished and has a silky sheen. With antique marble tiles, the visible surface is not polished but brushed or satin. Each tile is a unique piece of nature – quasi design by nature. Due to their coloring and the design options, antique-processed tiles made of high-quality and graceful marble are particularly versatile and enable the design in a style that promises uniqueness and ensures an eye-catcher in the house and apartment.

    Thanks to their surface treatment, antique marble tiles provide a unique feel when walking over the surface. But not only the optical charm but also the properties convince with → antique marble, which is more resilient and undemanding than conventional marble. The main concern when choosing a marble floor for most lovers of fine natural stone is that the material is very soft in its structure and scratches quickly. This problem arises less with antique marble since the surface treatment improves the positive properties in terms of strength, as well as the maintenance effort. Antique marble tiles appear very old, used and influenced by the signs of the times. The lively, non-uniformly designed surface is not affected by a scratch and its overall appearance is damaged. Antique marble tiles can be used in different areas of the house and are not only a comfortable solution in the bathroom or the large kitchen but also in the living room or bedroom, which is visually exciting.

    Antique marble tiles are a high-quality choice for a wall or floor covering chosen with a touch of luxury. The variety of colors and the outstanding individuality distinguish these tiles from marble in polished form. The antique-looking surface is easier to care for and more durable than is the case with polished marble tiles.

    The fascination of Antique Marble

    Antique marble is a natural stone for real lovers. Warm beige color nuances and an antique-looking surface bring the ambiance of the antique into your own home. Antique marble is not just a type of natural stone – it is also a generic term for antique-looking travertines or limestones. The ancient grace is created artificially, through special processing.

    Antique led by the tumbled surface

    The ancient appearance makes the unique charm of antique marble. The sight entices you to dream of Roman thermal baths, chariot races, and gladiator fights. However, the term antique marble does not refer to an antique natural stone, nor is it classic marble. In most cases, you are dealing with tumbled travertine or limestone. The antique grace arises artificially, through the tumbled processing. The natural stone tiles are placed together with pebbles in a large stone drum and set in rotation. This creates the characteristic rounded edges and a matt-rough surface. They give the impression that the ancient Greeks ran across the stone floor philosophizing.