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    Afyon Tiger Skin

    Afyon Tiger Skin

    Afyon Tiger Skin Marble has a very beautiful grayscale surface very often used for interior decoration, bathroom, swimming pools. This stone is also used for exterior projects
    Product Name: Tiger Skin Marble
    Usage area: Kitchen, Bathroom, decoration, swimming pool, flooring countertop
    Characteristics: White with a small structured Grey Pattern.

    Afyon Tiger Skin White Gray

    Natural stone tiles made of marble are the epitome of exclusivity and high quality.

    In addition to the gray-white color, Afyon Tiger Skin marble tiles are based on their fine-grained and dense structure. The stone is very hard, stable and has a low water absorption. Its color changes from very light gray tones to quite dark and strong gray-blue. The laid marble floor is lively, harmonious and radiates a brilliant ambiance. So the best conditions for the use of marble tiles from the city of Afyon in all living spaces indoors

    Marble slabs with an antique surface

    Polished marble slabs and tiles are usually more maintenance-intensive and more sensitive than tumbled surfaces. Enjoy a marble floor that also deserves the name antique marble and convinces with durability and style.For the protection and easy maintenance, we recommend stain protection with a slightly color-deepening effect, so that the strong gray-blue color comes into its own.