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    Aden Dark Marble

    Aden Dark Marble

    Aden Dark Marble is a beautiful stone for special architectural projects and special applications.
    Usage area: Hall and floor applications, shopping centers, boutique projects.
    Characteristics: Gray-brown colored with spider pattern
    Price: On Request

    Description and application area

    Aden Dark Marble is very robust. The easy-clean surface, which makes the tiles ideal for the kitchen, entrance, and hallway. The clear edges allow installation with minimal joints.

    Marble is a limestone, much softer than granite. This makes it easy to process and cut marble. Marbles come in a very wide range of colors. Marble has many benefits for fireplaces, floors, walls, and window sills. Marble tiles and slabs are usually in 2 cm and 3 cm thick sizes, but also in larger thicknesses such as 12 cm, 15 cm and more. Thicker pieces of marble are for sculpture.